10 years ago, I got a puppy for my birthday. It was something I had always wished for as a child and at 28 yrs old, my wish came true. She didn’t come in a basket, it was actually a plastic tote, but I will always remember that day as the best day of my life. We had actually been looking for a white pit bull because I had fallen in love with one that I saw at the Bonita shelter. She was a beautiful white with blue eyes, but I got there a little too late and another girl had already claimed her. I remember thinking, “Nooooooo, she can’t give you the life that I can give you. She’s just a waitress.”

Then I found another one at the San Diego shelter. Not quite as beautiful but still super cute. There was already one hold on the puppy, so we had to add our names to the wait list. When we were leaving the shelter, a couple of young girls were walking up carrying a plastic tote containing three puppies. I asked if I could see them and reached in and  pulled out the fattest, stinkiest, passed out black puppy.  Her siblings had patches of brindle on their mostly black bodies, but she was completely black except for a white diamond on her chest. I remember holding this puppy up and Thomas saying to me,  “You can have this puppy, who looks exactly like our 6 month old puppy at home. Or you can wait and take your chances with the white pit bull on hold.” I stood there staring at this fat, stinky puppy that I seriously thought had worms because her belly was so round and thought to myself “This is meant to be.” I asked the girls if I could have her and they gave her to me.

So, she didn’t exactly arrive with bows in a basket like a postcard greeting, but she did arrive and she has been the best birthday gift ever. She is a stubborn, whiny, little butthole who loves to hold me down and lick me to death but I love her so much and I wouldn’t change a thing about her. And now she gets to hate me for sticking her in a basket LOL


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