Man and His Best Friend

There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a man and his dog. Ruger is our 8 year old Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix. He is the youngest of our three dogs, and I’m very lucky that Thomas didn’t throw me out of the house when I brought him home. I couldn’t resist him. This family was outside of Walmart with a bunch of puppies. Of course, I stopped and petted all the puppies but I felt a connection with this one puppy.  I went to my truck, sat there for a minute and then went back and got him. Fortunately, Thomas was so tired from working all weekend that at first he didn’t notice the puppy, and second he was too tired to put up a huge resistance.  After that, it was too late 🙂

I know it was a mistake to get another dog when we already had two, but I never regret it.  And I know Thomas loves that dog as much as that dog loves Thomas.


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