Ren Faire

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire opened this weekend at the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale, CA. The Ren Faire is always a great time with plenty of food, beer and festivities and this year it’s even bigger.

We watched the Queen’s Joust while I shouted “Crixus, Crixus, Crixus”, followed by the Washing Well Wenches who were absolutely hysterical. Afterwards, I ate the customary turkey leg washed down with a couple of pints of Bloody Buddys at the bar. And after I was fully inebriated, we did a little shopping because that’s the best time to shop for things like princess crowns, bags made from bull scrotum and drabbits.

The Ren Fair is open every Saturday and Sunday until May 19th. It is definitely worth going to at least once, especially if you are a fan of big, breasted women in corsets or dudes with ginormous cod pieces.





Of course, I will post photos taken with my camera as soon as I edit them 🙂


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